Top 10 Employee Management Tools

Technology offers us a plethora of solutions to make our lives easier as HR professionals and business managers. Or at least it tries. It doesn’t matter if you’re migrating from an outdated system, or looking to implement from scratch for a new business. Sometimes the main challenge is choosing the right solution
from the vast variety.

Swiping right with HR tech

If you’re just looking for a list of our top picks for employee management tools, scroll on down. But before you do, I strongly recommend you ask yourself (and your HR team, if need be) some very important questions. Some of them are obvious. Like, “What is my budget?” or “How many employees do I need to manage?”. But others are tricker. For example, the location of your workforce and the location of your corporation, as well as local laws across jurisdictions can have an effect on your choice. The technological skills of your team and of other users for these systems play a role as well. So ask as many questions as you can, and as you answer them, you’ll have a better understanding of the HR tech needs of your organization.

The most important step is evaluating your needs in depth, and creating a list of “must have” and “nice to have” features and capabilities you require from the solution (or solutions) you desire. And then do what I like to call “the Tinder method for product selection” – go over available solutions within your price range, and pick the one (or ones) that answer all your needs, or at least the “must haves”.

Gusto (Pricing: $39 + $6 per month, per employee)

Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) is one of the best and most popular cloud-based payroll solutions out there. Among others, Gusto offers built-in benefits administration for small to medium-sized businesses at a reasonable cost.

Connecteam (Pricing starts at $0 – Free)