DirecTV Now offers So Many Choices in High Definition Programming

Of all the programming that is offered by TV programming service provider’s, high definition TV programming causes the most confusion. To start with it is a a relatively new technology that TV programming service providers are offering, so there are constantly adjustments being made in the amount of channels and the way that they are offered at many TV programming service providers.

To start with the high definition channels require a high definition satellite receiver and it will handle both standard and high definition programming. While most TV programming service providers require that

you purchase the one package of high definition programming that contains their net total of high definition programming, DirecTV has broken their high definition programming up into several clusters of smaller programming packages.

These include their Universal HD package that features classic movie channels, or their HDNet Movies package that features newer movie releases. Discovery HD Theater features science, cultural and nature programming in high definition, or you can get HD sports programming with the addition of ESPN HD or ESPN2 HD to your package. This is because DirecTV has many high definition channels that can be added to your programming package individually if you choose to.

The high definition picture is six times as precise as a standard format picture and the sound feature of DirecTV high definition programming comes in Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound and the results are great CD quality sound that enhances any type of programming. The TV screen is a lot wider on a high definition TV set also and it is shaped more like a movie screen at a theater.

Movies are now filmed with this wider perspective and when you watch them on a standard TV screen the sides are cut off so it will fit on the screen but this isn’t the case with the wider screen on the high definition TV screen. TV Screens have what is called an aspect ratio and the wider aspect ratio of the high definition TV screen is referred to as 16: 9.