Free Satellite TV Receivers are Now Available from Dish Network and DirecTV

Switching to satellite TV programming makes even more sense now, because all the home electronics components you will need to receive it are absolutely free of charge, if you get your programming from either of the top providers in the industry now. This deal is so hard to believe but it is true and there is still more to it than a free , TV system that is installed absolutely free of charge.


Both DirecTV and Dish Network now provide free installation in up to four rooms in your home or business and it’s all a professional job. This is because Dish Network and DirecTV both have their own in house teams of installation experts, to insure that each and every job that is done is to their standards. If you want to receive their fantastic programming on more than one TV in your home or business, that is not going to cost you one penny extra to set up because they will both give you all the receivers that you need to connect up to four separate TVs to satellite TV programming at no extra cost at all.

Rest assured that there are no hidden costs or charges in this deal and all that you are going to be required to pay for is the great programming that you watch. The folks at these to leaders of the TV programming industry hate fine print just as much as you do and the result is that their programming service agreements are the most basic and easy to understand of all the TV programming service providers.

Dish Network and DirecTV have shook up the TV programming industry, by setting all new standards in the way to do business with the public and people are registering their approval with their feet by dumping their cable service and coming over to them by the millions.

They both also have set new records in the TV programming business in the area of over all customer satisfaction and J.D. Power and associates has recognized them for this for the last five years in a row with stellar ratings. They both have a toll free customer service number that you can call any time, day or night, if you have any questions at all about the service or programming that you are receiving from either one of them.


What ever your tastes in TV programming are, you need to look no further than Dish Network and DirecTV. This is because DirecTV is the all tim